Turbo V3 Repeater Receiver

Our Turbo V3 Repeater features our US Patented (9,163,888) 3 lug rear lock-up design and our proven Turbo ignition system which utilizes a crescent shaped firing pin tip to provide consistent case strikes and priming compound ignition. The receiver uses modified Savage Mark II magazines available in 5 or 10 round capacities. The V3 Repeater can reliably feed rounds from the magazine into the chamber without causing damage to the round as its loaded. The V3 features the same 60 degree bolt throw as our single shot version, the same overall length, body diameter and barrel tenon specifications. Check out the videos below to witness how the V3 handles the loading and extraction of rounds. The V3 Repeater is priced at $1450.00 plus insured shipping to an FFL. Give us a call today to place an order or for additional information about our latest addition to our product line.