Turbo V2

Our Turbo V2 action is a patented (US 9,163,888 B1) 3 lug 45 degree bolt throw single shot action design for 3P and Silhouette competition. The V2’s three locking lug design facilitates a quicker cycling action desired by participants of these disciplines. The action offers the same reliable and proven characteristics of the V1 with a shorter bolt throw. The action and its components are precision machined from pre-hardened 416 SS and 4140HT Alloy Steel. The outer diameter of the action body is 1.350″ and its overall length is 6.375″. The action is threaded for a 3/4″-16 barrel tenon with a length of 1.007″. All barrel threads are oriented to the action body to allow interchangeability of barrels amongst V2 models. Each action has its head-space factory set to 0.043″. Included with each V2 is a set of scope mount bases and a trigger hanger. The V2 is offered in both right or left bolt orientations as well as right or left port orientation. The V2 is priced at $1200.00 plus shipping to a FFL, please contact us for current availability.